Our Family / Knitters


Age 42 – Children 6
2 at school, 2 at college, 2 with there own families.
Santa says her life has turned much better since she started working with us because now she is able to give her children a better education since her first 2 children only finished High School( a feat on itself for a low income family ) Now her middle  2 kid’s go to college. Santa also says that life itself makes her feel happier. She mentions that all of this is possible because her wages have been doubled from what other businesses pay.


Age 44 – Children 8
Hilaria says that all of her children are able to go to school and in fact one of her Daughters is braking the mold in her families’ past by being the first one going to college in Lima and this is all possible because she is earning twice as much as before. Hilaria’s sister has join the team of knitters, her name is RICARDINA VENTURA PACO , she has 6 children and she is so exited that she can send her kid’s to school in a full stomach and is looking into the future with hope.


Age 35 – Children 2
Leonarda says that compared to years past now she can afford better things for her kid’s and has been able to send her oldest one to a pre-college academy to prepare for his college admission test and now the fights for money with her husband have stoped because she now has her own after she started working with us.


Age 38 – Children 3
Gloria says that she is very happy knitting all this silly hats for us and wishes that they keep coming, also mentions that her diet has improved drastically because she can buy better food for her children and also to better educate them, her oldest is also going to a pre-college academy and all of them are doing much better at school. Says “KEEP’EM COMING”

All the ladies working on this group(not just the once here mentioned) agree on something, they are very thankful for the opportunity to work in it and they want this not to stop happening. This group is composed by 35 women and 2 men from the state of HUANCAVELICA and the districts of Ascencion, Huanaspampa and Paturpanpa

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